Enjoying iPad game Acheron Prime

In addition to playing LOTRO and STO, I’ve been playing a fun iPad space RPG called Acheron Prime.

Like Egosoft’s X* games, it’s clear that this game was not created by native English speakers, as the voice acting and spelling are terrible, but, as with the X* games, it doesn’t take much away from the . . . → Read More: Enjoying iPad game Acheron Prime

Eclectic Game Playing Recently (Pocket Legends, LOTRO, Star Trek Online, and Planetside 2)

In this case, by Eclectic, I mean random, crazy, no theme or consistency…

I’ve been very busy recently with work and personal projects, so I haven’t had a lot of time to play games, and when I have had time, it has been in small increments. The exception to this was Fable III, which I . . . → Read More: Eclectic Game Playing Recently (Pocket Legends, LOTRO, Star Trek Online, and Planetside 2)

Great iPad games on sale! Civ Rev and Pirates

I just noticed that a couple of very fun iPad games are on sale for $1 so check them out in the iTunes store! I don’t know how long the sale lasts, so check that the price hasn’t gone back up.

First is Civ Rev, an iPad version of Civilization Revolution that was released for . . . → Read More: Great iPad games on sale! Civ Rev and Pirates

iPad/iPhone Best App voting

A website called BestAppEver is having votes for the best iOS app in many categories.

If you have some favorite apps, cast your vote at: http://bestappever.com/vote/

I have cast my votes for outstanding games, such as the amazing Pocket Legends and the delightful Pocket Frogs! If you’re not playing those two, give them a look!

. . . → Read More: iPad/iPhone Best App voting

Too many games!

Gosh, it’s a real problem that I have too many games to play and not enough time. Lord of the Rings Online had a recent update that fixed Lore Masters a bit and made positive changes to crafting. I’m really enjoying LOTRO!

But now, Star Trek Online has put out the Season 3 update, so . . . → Read More: Too many games!

On “Freemium” Games

I’ve been playing a lot of “freemium” games lately and have had some thoughts on them. A freemium game is free to play, but builds in mechanisms for the user to pay real money for premium features or goodies. Some of my favorite freemium games include Pocket Legends, Lord of the Rings Online, Pocket Frogs, . . . → Read More: On “Freemium” Games

Free MMORPGs for all!

I’ve been enjoying two free-to-play MMORPGs a lot recently. Lord of the Rings Online is a terrific MMORPG for the PC with good combat, skills, and even crafting. I’ve been working on my prospector and jeweler crafting in order to be able to make good stuff for my kinship. I joined a pretty terrific kinship . . . → Read More: Free MMORPGs for all!

More Pocket Legends

Though I have managed to fix my gaming PC’s power supply, I’ve been playing a bit more Pocket Legends, the iPad and iPhone MMORPG, because it is fun. I’m also posting some pictures so you can see how good it looks on the iPad screen (though for some reason, the less-than-helpful WordPress iPad app resized . . . → Read More: More Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends

Because my main gaming PC is still down for the count because of power supply problems, I started playing Pocket Legends on the iPad. This is a pretty interesting MMORPG that looks very good on iPad (and is playable on iPhone too). The user interface is very simple, with a tap to designate a target, . . . → Read More: Pocket Legends

ElementZ HD iPad game

Elementz is a fun iPad match the objects game. I got it for free, but I don’t know if it is still free. As with all of these games, match 3 objects in a row and they disappear. When these balls disappear, they make a particularly satisfying crashing noise and have a nice falling away . . . → Read More: ElementZ HD iPad game