Games I Don’t Like

These are games that I just couldn’t get into and I thought were a waste of money.

Note that this page has not been updated in a while, but I’ll leave it around for reference.

Game TitleGenrePlatformComments
The Simpsons GamePlatformPS3Too many annoying platform jumping puzzles that are too easy to fall off.
Eye of JudgmentCard StrategyPS3I really just got it because it included the Playstation Eye camera in the deal. Camera is sometimes bad at recognizing cards.
BraidPlatform PuzzlePCBeautiful game, but lots of jumping puzzles, which I don't like.
Demon's SoulsRPGPS3The best game that you'll love to hate and hate to love.
Eve OnlineMMORPGPCI really wanted to like it. Really. But I didn't.
Evochron LegendsSpacePCJust couldn't get into it.