Games I Love

These are some of the many games I have really enjoyed playing over the years. In the table below, I show the platform I played each on, but some are available on other platforms.

Note that this page has not been updated in a while, but I’ll leave it around for reference.

Game TitleGenrePlatformComments
X3:ReunionSpace SimPCTerrible voice acting, but fun game with great open-ended gameplay.
X3:Terran ConflictSpace SimPCMultiple quests and good fun. Same open-ended game play as X3:Reunion
Assassin’s Creed IIAction, platformerPS3Great exploration and amazing visuals of old Italy.
X2:The ThreatSpace SimPCFun space combat and open-ended gameplay
Dragon Age: OriginsRPGPCReplayed several times to see different origins and endings!
Final Fantasy XIIIRPGPS3Looks great, engaging story, OK battle system.
The Elder Scrolls:OblivionRPGPCGreat. Huge amount of gameplay!
The Elder Scrolls:MorrowindRPGPCStarted slowly, but got great. Can fly, which they took away in Oblivion.
Sins of a Solar EmpireStrategyPCDeep, good-looking strategy game in (mostly 2D) space.
Solebon SolitaireCardsiPhoneMany solitaire games in one App.
Fallout 3RPGPCOblivion with guns! Pretty good story, with great weapons and fights.
Tie FighterSpace SimMacOldie but goodie. Good story. Fine graphics for its day.
Witcher Enhanced EditionRPGPCReally great action RPG.
Knights of the Old RepublicRPGPCOld Star Wars RPG still looks good and is fun to play!
Mass Effect 2RPGPCFun RPG/Shooter with lots of plot!