Witcher – Another really fun game

I thoroughly enjoyed Witcher Enhanced Edition when I played it a couple years ago. It is an RPG with seamless battles and lots of action, including fighting (fist fighting competitions), loving (sexy time!), and killing of many, many creatures and people. The plot was fine, but forgettable, but it kept the game moving. You play a “Witcher” a badass, but sterile warrior whose job is to right wrongs and screw all the eligible women. You have a number of powers that you attain by increasing your level, but the actual killing will be done with your swords. Yes, swords, plural. It turns out your regular sword is good for killing people and animals, but you need a silver sword to kill monsters. You also choose a “style” based on the number and abilities of the enemy you’re fighting. And while you are fighting, it is important to carefully time follow-up attacks to maximize their damage (it isn’t too hard, so don’t be overly concerned). All these choices have to be managed during the battles and they turn out to make the fighting really fun. It never got old chopping enemies’ heads off. The game is quite violent and graphic, but it really connects you with the action more than most other RPGs (Dragon Age, Neverwinter Nights) do. This is a game where you can’t just play on autopilot, because skill and timing matter and are woven well into the gameplay.

Witcher is also quite the bargain these days. It is often on sale, and I see it is only $20 on Steam. Well worth it!

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