Games I Like

These are games that I liked, but perhaps lost interest in or didn’t finish for some reason. Or maybe I did finish them, but don’t have a warm, fuzzy feeling about it.

Note that this page has not been updated in a while, but I’ll leave it around for reference.

Game TitleGenrePlatformComments
Metal Gear SolidActionPS3 (really PSOne)Punishing save system make it really annoying.
Star Trek: LegacySpace combatPCLooked good and pretty fun, but no replay value.
Dragon Age: AwakeningRPGPCJust didn't grab me as much as Origins.
Star Trek OnlineMMORPGPCGetting better all the time. Still playing this one.
Fable IIRPGXbox 360Fun and liked it, but just not great. Fun combat, though.
HaloFPSPCLiked it a lot at the time, but it was a shame they built such an amazing world (Halo) and didn't let us explore.
Halo 2FPSPCGood action.
Halo 3FPSXbox 360More of the same, but pretty fun.
Doom 3FPSPCLiked Doom and Doom 2. This wasn't a bad shooter. Better than the movie...
Pocket FrogsStrategy?iPadSurprisingly fun and compelling game. Easy to pick up and play.
Halo ReachFPSXbox 360Usual Halo fare, but with very fun space fighting!
Fallout New VegasRPGPC
Lord of the Rings OnlineMMORPGPCRecreates Tolkien's Middle Earth.