More Pocket Legends

Though I have managed to fix my gaming PC’s power supply, I’ve been playing a bit more Pocket Legends, the iPad and iPhone MMORPG, because it is fun. I’m also posting some pictures so you can see how good it looks on the iPad screen (though for some reason, the less-than-helpful WordPress iPad app resized the images to 640×480 when I selected the “Large” size – apparently they’re still living in 1987 when 640×480 was respectable, though not good).

In the first picture, I’m in my zombie costume having talked to Halloween Hal and being told I need a costume to participate in the Halloween activities. Isn’t the zombie costume a costume? Apparently not, as old Hal wants me to buy a costume in the store for 5 platinum, which is tough, since I don’t have any platinum pieces and not too many gold either. So that’s a bummer.

So I gave up on Halloween and went back to my quests, which are more fun anyway. The great thing about Pocket Legends is that it is very easy to get to your quests. In the quest description, there’s a button to take you there. So I zapped back to the dungeon to find some things and kill a particularly nasty zombie. As you can see from the image below, there were 3 other players there, and we all worked together to beat the quests. It was somewhat hard, because the tough zombie was really difficult and wiped us all out once or twice, but we finished the quest and got through.

Playing with a group is good, and this was a good group (you can see from the chat in the image below that one of my compatriots thought so as well). We had a couple fighters, an archer, and a magic user, which is a great mix. Having a magic user is key, because they can do group heals, which is essential with the fast zombies. You can see my health is low, so I needed the healing help.

Pocket Legends is good fun and well worth a look on both iPad and iPhone. I’m thinking of trying a magic user character next time…

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