Free MMORPGs for all!

I’ve been enjoying two free-to-play MMORPGs a lot recently. Lord of the Rings Online is a terrific MMORPG for the PC with good combat, skills, and even crafting. I’ve been working on my prospector and jeweler crafting in order to be able to make good stuff for my kinship. I joined a pretty terrific kinship that supports each other and helps those of us that get stuck sometimes. One member loaded me up with good armor and a staff that was way better than what I had collected. I went on a fellowship quest into the Great Barrow with several of my kin yesterday. It’s a good thing. Join LOTRO and find a good kinship.

I’ve also written about Pocket Legends a bit. It’s an iPad (and iPhone) MMORPG that is easy to pick up and quick to get into the quests and find a group to play with (okay, it’s pretty much automatic, if you let it choose for you). It’s pretty darn cool to play with people from all over the country or world while just tapping away on the iPad. Very nifty!

Now I see that Champions Online is going to go free-to-play. I’ve heard very good things about CO, but I think I will hold off, since I’ve already got way too many games and not enough time.

Finally, I’m enjoying Star Trek Online’s weekly episodes. They have some pretty tough ground battles against interesting opponents. I know STO isn’t free, but I already paid for the lifetime membership, so it seems that way to me. It is still a bit annoying with the Cryptic Store where they want you to buy ships and more, but the hustling for money isn’t quite as acute as in Pocket Legends or LOTRO. I did put some money into LOTRO to buy some quest packs and some inventory space, so I’ll have to see if I continue to enjoy Pocket Legends before I put much money into it.

By the way, I saw a tweet that said the closed beta for the Android version of Pocket Legends has started, so it will be available to even non-Apple folks. Of course the lack of consistency in the hardware (resolution, speed, etc.) may make the UI more challenging, but I’m glad they’re making the effort.

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