Great iPad games on sale! Civ Rev and Pirates

I just noticed that a couple of very fun iPad games are on sale for $1 so check them out in the iTunes store! I don’t know how long the sale lasts, so check that the price hasn’t gone back up.

First is Civ Rev, an iPad version of Civilization Revolution that was released for consoles. It is a simplified version of Civilization, but maintains the elements of exploration, managing cities and resources (though tends to be more forgiving that Civilization games normally are), research for new technologies, and, of course, conquering your rivals. I had foot surgery last weekend and had to keep my foot elevated, so I couldn’t play PC games. I enjoyed a couple of games of Civ Rev – it’s a fun and engaging game that is well worth getting!

The other game of interest is Sid Meier’s Pirates. I first played this game on PC years ago, and it was fun, but then I got it for PSP and was totally enthralled. I haven’t played the iPad version, but if it is even close to the PSP one, it is great. This is a pirate game, full of ship battles, exploration, land skirmishes, treasure hunting, diplomacy, and dancing. Yes, I said dancing. There is a nifty dancing mini-game in which you must impress the Governors’ daughters in order to gain favor and eventually find one or two to marry! It sounds corny, but it’s quite a challenge towards the end of the game, and pretty fun. The game is clever and fun, so check it out!

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