My ship in Star Trek Online

My Constitution class cruiser in Star Trek Online is very conventional, but still looks pretty good.

USS Hermosa Beach

The NX designation, rather than the usual NCC, is because I am a lifetime subscriber or played the beta or some such thing. The ship’s name, Hermosa Beach, is because I used to live in Hermosa Beach and still miss it.

I played one of the PvE (player vs. environment) multiplayer instances last night, Starbase 24. I’d played it with my other characters, but they’ve changed it a bit. There used to be ship combat, then ground combat in the station. Now it’s just lots of ship combat with a group of other players. Something interesting was the courtesy shown in the loot drops. For high quality loot, it gave a choice of “Need, Greed, or Pass.” In LOTRO, most people choose Need for everything, which is annoying. In STO, people chose Greed for non-essential goodies and some folks even passed on things they couldn’t use. So does that mean STO has a better class of player? Maybe…

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