On the Importance of Game Controller Support

I was somewhat out of gaming action for medical reasons for more than a month. During that time, I was pretty much unable to use keyboard and mouse to play games. I was, however, able to use my Xbox 360 controller for Windows to play games that supported it. And that led me to discover . . . → Read More: On the Importance of Game Controller Support

Finally finished Gears of War 3 and loved it

After finishing the Deus Ex: Human Revolution game and DLC, I jumped over to the old Xbox 360 to play Gears of War 3. Actually, this is the 3rd time I’ve started GOW3. Each previous time, I was either distracted by work or home crises or something, but this time, I was resolved to play . . . → Read More: Finally finished Gears of War 3 and loved it

Got a Kinect

I’ve been intrigued with the Kinect for the Xbox 360 since it was first announced. I’m less intrigued with it for games than I am for the technology. I think the games will mostly be Wii-style crap, but the technology is cool, as are the open source freenect drivers.

It seems that Kinect units are . . . → Read More: Got a Kinect

Too many games!

Gosh, it’s a real problem that I have too many games to play and not enough time. Lord of the Rings Online had a recent update that fixed Lore Masters a bit and made positive changes to crafting. I’m really enjoying LOTRO!

But now, Star Trek Online has put out the Season 3 update, so . . . → Read More: Too many games!

Alan Wake is creepy fun

I finally had a chance to start Alan Wake last night and it’s quite good. The mood is very creepy and scary and the game really dragged me into it. I have really enjoyed other Remedy games in the past (Max Payne series) and this is more of the same. The unshaven male character wandering . . . → Read More: Alan Wake is creepy fun

Too Many Games, Not Enough Time

While I have spent what little free time I’ve had lately enjoying Star Trek Online‘s great Weekly Episodes and Lord of the Rings Online‘s vast virtual world (and skirmishes), I have acquired or ordered some new games that I don’t know when I will have time to play.

I bought Alan Wake a week or . . . → Read More: Too Many Games, Not Enough Time

Finished Halo Reach

Well, I finished Halo Reach, which both ends the series and brings everything full circle. I thought I had a long battle sequence left that would take a while, but really I just had to kill a couple of Elites and a Zealot and then a Covenant cruiser, and that was it. I won’t spoil . . . → Read More: Finished Halo Reach

Halo Reach Turning Ugly

Things are getting pretty ugly in Halo Reach, and I don’t mean the graphics, which are pretty good.

***Spoiler Alert*** Do not read if you don’t want spoilers

One of the unique features of Halo Reach (at least compared to the other Halo games I’ve played) is the presence of your Noble Team comrades. They . . . → Read More: Halo Reach Turning Ugly

Halo Reach Space Fighting is Fun!

The space fighting part of Halo Reach is the most fun, so far, but it was quite short, and since my Sabre was destroyed with the Covenant super-carrier, not likely to be repeated soon. The first video here shows part of the first space battle. It gets busier in the attack wave after the video, . . . → Read More: Halo Reach Space Fighting is Fun!

Halo Reach Turret Shooting

Because Halo Reach put me more than an hour back in my game, I had a chance to relive some of my favorite moments so far. The first is as I’m being airlifted to a spire I need to shut down. I got to shoot from the turret and took out a lot of Covenant . . . → Read More: Halo Reach Turret Shooting