Got a Kinect

I’ve been intrigued with the Kinect for the Xbox 360 since it was first announced. I’m less intrigued with it for games than I am for the technology. I think the games will mostly be Wii-style crap, but the technology is cool, as are the open source freenect drivers.

It seems that Kinect units are as hard to get as Wii units were when they first came out. Apparently everyone has to have one for Christmas, so Amazon is out of them and all the slimy 3rd party sellers are reaming people with prices starting around $220 for a $150 item. Well today I walked into a Microsoft Store (very nice store and helpful sales guy, by the way) and got one right away. I even had a 20% off card, so it ended up being around $130 out the door, so a pretty good deal!

I will plug it into the Xbox 360 this weekend, I hope, and will write about my experiences with it.

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