Star Trek Online Season 3 First Impressions

I started a new character in Star Trek Online to see what the Season 3 update is all about. So far, when just starting out, the changes are just cosmetic. Sector space looks a lot better and less cartoonish. I think the developers wanted to make things look more cinematic, so there are small touches when your ship warps into or out of a system. The timing on these touches isn’t quite right, as sometimes there is a short period before or after the cinematic effect when things look odd, but I like the intended effect and think it helps draw players into the Star Trek universe.

I also joined a fleet called Elite Force, so we’ll see how that goes. Last time I joined a fleet, it was for a day until I figured out what a bunch of weenies the leaders were, but I have a hunch Elite Force is better. I’ll let you know…

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