Halo Reach Turning Ugly

Things are getting pretty ugly in Halo Reach, and I don’t mean the graphics, which are pretty good.

***Spoiler Alert*** Do not read if you don’t want spoilers

One of the unique features of Halo Reach (at least compared to the other Halo games I’ve played) is the presence of your Noble Team comrades. They were helpful in keeping the enemy’s attention off you for a bit so you could kill some baddies and even the odds. Well, now all my Noble Team mates have been killed off, so I am left to face the hordes alone. Cortana has been taken to the Pillar of Autumn, yet I’m left behind, so I’m guessing my character will die by the end. Fighting alone as the world is coming to an end is somewhat depressing.

*** End Spoilers ***

Unlike other games where you get more powerful weapons towards the end to help against large numbers of enemies, Halo Reach has always had all (or at least most) of the weapons available. Some of the more powerful weapons, like the Spartan Laser and the Sniper Rifle, take sufficiently long enough to aim and fire that they’re not too useful. A very annoying thing about Halo Reach (and all the other Halos, if I remember) is that if someone even farts in your general direction while you’re zoomed in, you get zoomed back out and lose your precise aim. That really makes it hard to use the sniper rifle when things are hot and heavy. Tough Spartans should be able to maintain zoom even when shot (perhaps not being blown up, however).

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