Gave Destiny another try. Why, oh why did I try?

Because one of my friends wanted to help me try to get Fatebringer, a great handcannon only available from the Templar in the Venus raid, I gave Destiny another shot. I recruited another friend who has yet to get a Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, so she hoped to get it from the Gorgon maze chest. As usual, it was a night of disappointment for all.

We succeeded in beating the Templar three times after quite a while of herding cats to get a team together. While the actual Templar battle was fine, it wasn’t actually fun. More of a chore, really. And, nobody got a Fatebringer, especially not me. And nobody got an Exotic, so my friend didn’t get her Gjallarhorn.

Now I know that the random, gambling-style loot system of Destiny doesn’t give out fancy gear like water (except when it does), but I’ve been through the Venus Raid many times (not as many as some, though) and have never been graced with a Fatebringer or a Praetorian Foil (not that I need one of those). I did manage to get one Vex Mythoclast, but only once.

My point is that some of these tedious Raid parts are the only places to get certain stuff, though the drop rate is low, and it isn’t that much fun. And yet, once you get something, you’ll get lots more. Once I got a Gjallarhorn, I promptly got 2 more. I get and discard Dragon’s Breath and No Land Beyond way more often than makes sense. I even got a second Hawkmoon last week, though I’ve yet to get a Monte Carlo or the Ram helmet for my Warlock. So RNGesus is fickle and Destiny seems to be punishing with its reward scheme.

I gave Destiny another try, and learned why I’d been avoiding it all over again.

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