Loving Dragon Age: Inquisition, trying Borderlands on PS4, avoiding Destiny

So last week, when Bungie announced that they were going to adjust weapons yet again (read “nerf” for the good ones), I sent a snarky tweet that I would have more time to play other games. Well, I mean it. I’ve avoided Destiny since then and will not play much. I’m not specifically upset about the nerfing of a particular one of my favorite guns (except Ice Breaker – c’mon, ammo already regenerates slowly – don’t make it even slower!), but it’s the constant messing around to get us to play the game “the way they intended.” First of all, making any guns less powerful is worse than making others better. And if you want to fix Thorn in Crucible, give Guardians a little more poison resistance rather than reduce the poison effects on PvE enemies. But enough of that. I’m just sick of them messing with things. Every time I get comfortable with something, they mess it up. And yet they don’t fix the actual problems with the game, like inventory and lag in the Crucible. Well to heck with Destiny.

Dragon Age: Inquisition, on the other hand, is amazing. Is it possible for a game to have too much plot? Dragon Age comes close. There is so much to do, and most of it is great fun! Sure, there are some annoying bits, like: why am I, the powerful Inquisitor, responsible for collecting all the herbs, and rocks, and other crafting materials. Obviously they’re just trying to draw the game out, but there’s no reason to do so – the game is already long and full of content. So Dragon Age: Inquisition remains great fun and I’m playing it a lot!

I picked up the Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection when it was on sale for my PS4. I loved the original Borderlands (except the lame ending), and Borderlands 2 on my PC, so I decided to try on my PS4. Well, it looks great, but I’m not as good at aiming with the controller as I am with a mouse, so everything is harder. I’m currently stuck at the first boss fight in the Pre-Sequel having obviously chosen poor strategies to take him down. I will go back to it next time I feel like playing a shooter.

For fun, I also bought Goat Simulator for my iPad, since it was on sale for a dollar. Very cute game, and while the controls aren’t as responsive as I’d like, it’s a fun diversion. And I got the Michael Bay achievement for headbutting a gas pump and blowing up a gas station, so humor for the win!

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