New eBooks category

While my site was initially about games I like (or don’t like), I am going to broaden it a little and occasionally write about eBooks I enjoy and, perhaps, about the poor state of eBook publishing in general.

My comments in this category will be about the eBook edition of various books, so my comments may or may not apply to the dead tree version of the books.

I do most of my reading on a barely functioning Kindle DX (yes, Amazon’s quality isn’t as good as it should be) and an iPad. I tend to buy eBooks from Amazon because they will work on both Kindle and iPad, though I have bought some books for nook, reading them on the iPad, and of course Apple’s iBooks store.

Most of the books I read are Science Fiction and Fantasy, though it kills me when bookstores, like Amazon, combine the two into one category. Since when did spaceships and black holes have anything to do with dragons or ring wraiths? They are not the same genre of books, and while some people are fans of both, I’m willing to bet that most readers do not want the two mixed together in the store.

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