Enjoyed Ender’s Game

I am probably the only self-identified nerd who hadn’t read Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card long ago. I finally read it on Saturday and enjoyed it. It isn’t a trivial read – it deals with complex issues and is intentionally told from positions where the reader doesn’t have all the information. It is a fun challenge to figure things out as we go along. There are several intriguing and thought provoking elements to the story arc that made it impossible to put down once I started.

I read the Kindle eBook version and it was the nicest eBook I’ve seen. It has good formatting and layout, unlike many eBooks I’ve read. I also didn’t catch any obvious typos or other problems, an issue that often detracts from many eBooks.

Overall, Ender’s Game is a fun book to read and is joy to read, because it is a well implemented eBook.

Note: I am not making any money from the above link to Amazon.com – it is for convenience only.

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