Steam problems

I take back some of the good things I said about Steam previously. I bought the Company of Heroes pack a few days ago when it was on sale for $12.50, but didn’t install it until yesterday. I had Steam download it during the day, then I tried to run it last night. It wouldn’t run and didn’t even give an error message. When I ventured into the Steam directory to find the installation and clicked on the game EXE file, even that didn’t do anything.

Today, the results were the same, so I had Steam verify the integrity of the cache, only to discover that 20 files were corrupt! How does this sort of thing happen? There’s no evidence that my machine has bad hardware or is likely to corrupt anything, yet there were corrupted Steam cache files. Very concerning.

Steam is now re-fetching those 20 files and I will try to see if the game starts then. Not that I have time to play it any time soon.

Update: I’m pleased to report that after the 20 files were re-downloaded plus 1 for CoH:Opposing Fronts, both CoH and CoH:Opposing Fronts check out fine, and CoH starts, though I won’t be checking out the game play right away.

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