Star Trek Online Skill Cap

My Science Officer Admiral has maxed out the level cap in Star Trek Online, which means he won’t advance in rank any more, but it also means he doesn’t earn skill points. Now if he were already maxed out in skills, that would be fine, but he’s not even close to being maxed in all the relevant skills. Sure, I could replace all the ship’s weapons with Polaron beams, for example, and respec his skills to ignore anything other than Polaron weapons. That would help, but is annoying and lame, particularly as enticing Tetryon or Phaser weapons pop up occasionally.

Now that I’ve hit the cap, I am a little disappointed and the fun of playing that character is diminished. Perhaps I should try one of my other characters, but that’s mostly repeating ground I’ve already covered. My Admiral still has missions he hasn’t done, yet he won’t get points for them. Kinda reduces the incentive a bit.

I will still play the Deferi/Breen story episodes, but the daily missions don’t buy me much, because of the skill cap. Maybe a good weapon will drop, but probably not. So I really will have to think about either starting a new character or playing one of my low level guys.

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