Dragon Age II Demo is Fun!

I played the Dragon Age II demo today and it was pretty awesome. In the demo, I chose to play a rogue, which meant either dual-wielding blades or bow and arrow. I chose the blades.

There are essentially 3 parts to the demo. In the first, you and a mage are fighting lots or darkspawn. This is a memory of one of your soon-to-be compatriots. Then you are with your family and escaping the burning of Lothering by the darkspawn. This leads to the formation of your party of 4 (soon to be 3), where you end up at the earlier scene, though with a bit more help. A surprise shows up to save your butt, and then there is a jump to a later scene where you have an indoor fight.

The demo is sometimes difficult, and I had to do the troll battles a couple of times, because the entire party kept getting wiped out. The graphics were good and the effects excellent. The backstab ability of the rogue is especially cool!

The demo portends good things for the not-soon-enough release of the game. Looking forward to it!

Too Many Games, Not Enough Time

While I have spent what little free time I’ve had lately enjoying Star Trek Online‘s great Weekly Episodes and Lord of the Rings Online‘s vast virtual world (and skirmishes), I have acquired or ordered some new games that I don’t know when I will have time to play.

I bought Alan Wake a week or two ago when Buy.com had it on sale. It arrived, but I have yet to put the disk into my Xbox 360 (or even turn on a console recently).

Now I’ve ordered Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood for PS3 because I enjoyed Assassin’s Creed II so much and I had some game credit from Amazon.com.

It’s an exciting time to be a gamer with all the seemingly great games coming out and well-reviewed older games coming down in price. Now if I could just buy some free time…

Finished Halo Reach

Well, I finished Halo Reach, which both ends the series and brings everything full circle. I thought I had a long battle sequence left that would take a while, but really I just had to kill a couple of Elites and a Zealot and then a Covenant cruiser, and that was it. I won’t spoil the ending, but it certainly wasn’t a fun ending, as you would expect from the opening scene of the game.

Perhaps I can convince my wife to try co-op with me sometime, but otherwise, this one goes in the drawer. Now, time to finish Star Ocean, play Lord of the Rings Online and Star Trek Online, and maybe even check out some of the Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 DLCs. And the Fallout New Vegas comes out… Can hardly wait!

Halo Reach

Looking forward to my Halo Reach disk arriving today from Amazon.com! Unfortunately, I have something going on at work that will make me get home late, so may not even put it in the drive today.

I suppose I should finish Star Ocean before playing the Halo Reach campaign, so i will be a while before I can write much about it, but I am looking forward to it, having enjoyed Halos 1, 2, and 3.

Duke Nukem Forever? Really?

There are stories today that Duke Nukem Forever is in production, again, and may actually be released. I wonder it that is really needed by the gaming community. Now I enjoyed Duke Nukem 3D and was looking forward to Forever a long time ago, but I’m not overly enthused now. Oh well, perhaps it will be good…