My love/hate relationship with Monster Hunter World

Well, “love” is too strong a word… Maybe “tolerate.”

I recently started playing Monster Hunter World, because I’d heard so much about it and the reviews are good. I’m thinking the reviewers played a different game, because I’d say it is fine and kind of fun, but not among the greatest games. The graphics are good, the plot isn’t (but I’m told that’s OK, because these sort of games don’t usually have plots, so even a weak one is good), the voice acting is ridiculously lacking, and the monster hunting part is pretty good. There are also very deep crafting and inventory systems that I’ve only seen a tiny part of, but they seem quite well done. That also leads to the extreme grind that will be required to get gear we want.

In terms of actually monster hunting, the combat is good, but chasing after monsters is pretty annoying, and if the hunt goes on for long, stamina limitations will come into play and make you pretty miserable. Yes there are ways to regain stamina and increase the max amount again, so I’m sure I’ll get better at that.

I’ve only had one experience playing with others. I had chased my first large monster to its lair and had almost beaten it when two other players jumped in because of the SOS flare I used much earlier. They quickly killed the monster and the mission ended. Well, I would have been able to kill it in another minute or two, so it wasn’t a great help, but it was fine.

I should have called for help in another case where the monster that I had nearly killed escaped because I couldn’t chase it fast enough. That was very annoying!

So Monster Hunter World is somewhat fun, and I’ll probably stick to it, but I don’t think I will be as obsessed with it as so many others seem to be. I am amused that we can’t forgive Destiny’s lack of plot nor Star Wars Battlefront, but everyone is okay with Monster Hunter World’s plot being pretty lame.

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