Enjoying Destiny 2

I’ve been playing Destiny 2 exclusively since it came out, which means Diablo III, Elder Scrolls Online, No Man’s Sky, LOTRO, Star Trek Online, etc. have been gathering dust (digitally speaking). I miss them all, but the compulsion to level up in Destiny 2 is an addiction that takes precedence. I imported my Destiny characters into Destiny 2, but I sort of miss that I didn’t create new ones. Besides, my Warlock is pretty pale in Destiny 2 – I don’t remember him being quite so pasty before.

I enjoyed the story of Destiny 2 more than that of the original Destiny. While this story didn’t seem as long, not as diverse in terms of discovery and exploration, it was more epic (there was a specific villain, not some unseen “Darkness”), and the conclusion was more definitive.

Though the story seemed short, the amount of stuff to do seems great. Each planet has many quests (now called Adventures), in addition to the usual patrols and public events. There are new challenges and other things to keep us busy.

Levelling up to level 20 is easy, but getting to a reasonable light level is harder. I know plenty of people who are in the 280s, which I’m 253 with my Titan at the moment. My Hunter and Warlock are still early in the story, so they’ve got a long way to go.

There seems to be a great controversy about the changes to Shaders, which change the color/appearance of our armor. It is now a consumable and must be applied to each piece of gear, rather than the old approach of applying to all the gear at once. It is also purchasable for real money, and we know we don’t like paying for stuff like that. At first, I would have been concerned, except I’m not much into fashion, but as I levelled and opened loot chests and such, I now have more Shaders than I know what to do with. I’ve yet to apply one, since I don’t think any of my gear is final, but sometime I may experiment.

The never-ending grind for better stats is not new, but it is very intense in Destiny 2. I hope I can sometime turn it off to play other games again, but we’ll see. I’ve been getting crashes (well, lock-ups) on my PS4 Pro in Destiny 2. It’s apparently a known and common problem, though not universal, so I hope they fix it soon. It is frustrating to crash at the end of a Public Event and not be able to loot the chest. Crashing in a mission is worse, however, but that’s only happened once or twice.

Overall, it seems like Bungie learned a lot from Destiny and has made Destiny 2 a very good game.

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