What did I play last night? Destiny, of course…

This is an example of how far my Destiny mental illness/addiction has progressed:

Last night when I got home from work, I had a few minutes to kill before dinner. I sat down at the PS4 and thought “I’d like to play Elder Scrolls Online, but I’m concerned I don’t have enough time to clear a dungeon, so I’ll just play Destiny.” And I did play Destiny for 10 or so minutes.

But then later in the evening, I sat back at the PS4, launched Destiny, played for a couple hours, got the Sleeper Simulant by doing the strike with some friends. Then, as I was going to bed, I realized: I didn’t even consider playing a different game like I did before dinner. Launching Destiny was an automatic action, an impulse even.

Wow, those guys at Bungie know how to make stuff addictive. When I play LOTRO, the combat is so boring compared to Destiny that I feel the urge to go back to Destiny (yet the lore is so much better that I suppress the urge, at least for a while). I did manage to break free of Destiny for a month before The Taken King came out, so I’ll need to make myself do that again. I’ve got too many good games that are actually rewarding to be stuck in Destiny, which is more like a slot machine for the rewards.

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