I Played Destiny’s Iron Banner and All I Got Was a Lousy Wolf Cloak


Note: See below for an update!

I’m not a great Crucible player, but when I saw the promotional pictures Bungie put out of the Hunter Wolf Cloak, I decided to play Iron Banner so I could get it. Well, I got it, and it is pretty awful. I think it looks lousy in game, but in the App, where the picture above came from, it just looks odd, particularly with the second wolf head.

So, yeah, I regret the time I spent in Iron Banner and the Legendary Marks I spent to get the hideous thing. Oh well…

In other Destiny news, my Titan finally got through the King’s Fall Raid, but got an underwhelming loot haul from it, including 2 butt-capes from the same drop. Why did I need 2? I didn’t. I got the raid hand cannon, which is kinda nifty, but takes forever to reload. Very odd design, Bungie.

Update: The cloak is more cool than I first thought. The rendering from the app hints at it with the two heads. When I am in the tower and have chosen to show my Hunter’s head, it uses the back wolf head to show that the cloak is off my had and it can show my face. Of course, that’s the way I kept seeing it, so I assumed it was that way in combat too, which was not what the promo material showed. Well, in combat, it uses the upper wolf head, which now covers my helmet and does look like it should. So Bungie was, in fact, very clever, and a rendering error in the app is the only problem.

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