Had fun in Destiny’s Iron Banner

Despite my attempts to avoid Destiny, I played a bit of Iron Banner over the weekend. My goal was to get to get the Felwinter’s Lie shotgun, which meant I needed to get to Rank 4. I got to Rank 3 easily enough on Sunday, but decided to wait until Monday night to get the next rank, because I needed the bounties to boost my XP. After playing for perhaps an hour and a half on Monday night, I hit rank 4, bought the Hunter cape and shotgun, and immediately stopped playing.

I was very pleased and surprised that I was the top player in a couple of the matches that we won. I was also the worst player in a match or two. So the rankings are more an indication of whether I had a good game or not rather than my innate ability (or lack thereof).

I still have a bit of Destiny to play before the new expansion hits (I suppose I ought to order that, too). I need to play some Prison Of Elders so I can activate the Elder Scroll bounty I picked up in the Skolas level 35 success (where I was totally carried, and I admit it). Now my biggest problem is that I have way too many unlevelled guns and not enough weapon parts. Very annoying!

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