A couple of relaxing evenings playing Destiny

After last week’s rush to experience all the new things in Destiny’s second DLC expansion, I’ve been taking it easy this week, which means I’m more relaxed and less stressed while playing.

For the last two nights, I’ve been playing with a friend from LOTRO (and her husband one of the evenings). We’ve just been doing bounties and patrol missions and generally killing the heck out of the roving bands of “wolves.”

This kind of play is what makes Destiny fun for me. Sure it’s great to do the raids and such, but in those activities, there’s a lot of pressure to be good and not screw up. In the final stages of both raids, a mistake by one person can doom the whole team to have to try again. So, while those activities are fun and sometimes rewarding, they are stressful and sometimes take a long time.

Running missions with friends, however, is pretty easy, very low stress, and generally more fun. Mistakes tend not to cause much trouble for others, so it is okay to experiment with new gear and techniques, and even to mess around a bit and just punch everything to death, for example (particularly if you’re a Titan and need to punch things).

In short, playing Destiny with friends while doing low key, comfortable missions is Destiny at its most fun!

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