Tried to PUG the Destiny Weekly Strike

A couple days ago, when few of my PSN friends were online and the ones what were playing Destiny were busy, I tried to PUG the Weekly Strike at the hardest level. For those that don’t play MMOs, a PUG is a “pick up group,” essentially some randoms that you play a mission with. Since the Weekly Strike now has matchmaking, it is easy to group up with randoms to do it.

It didn’t work out well. This week’s Weekly has void burn, which means those damn Vex Minotaurs and some of the Hobgoblins hit really hard. I loaded up with void weapons, including Atheon’s Epilogue, a fast shooting, but light hitting auto rifle, a void sniper (I think the Vault of Glass one, but I don’t remember), and a void machine gun. I think one of the randoms I was grouped with had the Word of Crota, a void hand cannon, because he was hitting the enemy hard. The other guy didn’t seem to have anything void, so he was using Ice Breaker, which does Solar damage.

Because I was all voided up, I was overconfident and did a bit too much hotdogging, and died a lot. Sadly, I tended to die in unfortunate places were I was hard to revive (more precisely, the attempted reviver tended to die while trying to get to me). The hand cannon guy also died a fair bit, though often in more accessible places. When the poor third guy would try to rescue us, he’d die and we’d have to start the area over.

This clearly wasn’t an ideal arrangement, and none of us were in the fireteam chat channel (which was good, because they’d be swearing at me for getting killed so far away from them). In this challenging strike (my least favorite of the ones in the weekly rotation), communication is key, and we failed. Eventually, I got tired of disappointing my poor group, so I left. I don’t know whether the other two left also or they waited for another player to join, but I kind of feel bad about not being very good. Oh well…

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