Destiny’s Dark Below DLC puts tension back into the game

While Destiny’s new DLC, The Dark Below, has created a lot of controversy (the Reddit forums are aflame with burning hatred, whiners, apologists, etc.), I pre-ordered it anyway (because I enjoy the game, even though it is infuriating). I started it last night on my level 29 Warlock. The first missions, given to us by Eris, a new and creepy NPC, took us mostly to places we’ve been, often in reverse of the way we normally go, but because of Crota’s minions (the Hive), the areas are newly dangerous. These new missions are not quite more of the same. Instead, they are tense and scary and quite challenging. The reward of a fancy new gun is nice, too. That gun, which I’m told will be essential in the Strike, has become my new favorite gun, largely because of the sound it makes as it vaporizes Hive baddies.

There’s no sign of Dinklebot in the new missions. Either he was unavailable, embarrassed by the scorn for his performance, or wanted too much money, so we get someone else. Eris is kinda creepy and I don’t trust her. Sure, I’ll do her missions, but I wouldn’t give her the keys to the apartment, if you know what I mean. She’s got darkness oozing out of her mask, so she’s not fully on the side of the light (and we don’t really know what happened to her and her fireteam). But she’s more generous than the damn Gyptarch (Cryptarch), because she just gave me a nice gun as a reward, rather than giving me a useless piece of class armor for another class like the Gyptarch always does. So I won’t throw her off the tower for the moment.

In short, the DLC re-invigorates the game, at least for a while, and is worth getting if you like Destiny.

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