Very Disappointed with PSN’s Pre-loading of GTA V on PS4

I pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 for via the PlayStation Store weeks ago with the promise that it would pre-load on my machine. Well, that didn’t actually happen. Though I’d had my PS4 in “rest” mode (which means it is wasting only 100 watts of power ALL THE TIME) all weekend, no preload started. I checked the PSN store’s download queue yesterday morning and saw that GTA V was queued, so I called my wife to have her wake the PS4 and then put it back into rest mode in the hopes that it would start the download. It did download the Destiny update, but didn’t touch GTA V.

When I got home last night, I checked that GTA V wasn’t loaded, so I chose to manually download it. Well , that looked like it worked, but it only pulled down about 2GB worth of program and update file then declared it was done. The machine was in rest mode for a couple hours then I used it to play Destiny, so there was plenty of time to download at least a fair chunk of the nearly 50GB download.

Then, just before bed, I launched GTA V, which them promptly declared that it was only 7% downloaded and installed and that I should just leave the machine on and walk away. Well that’s BS of huge magnitude! So much for the vaunted pre-loading. Instead, the damn game wanted to download itself on my time! Screw that! So I put the PS4 back in rest mode, and if the game is written at all well, the download will have continued. I didn’t check it this morning to know whether I’d been thwarted again, because I had to get to work, but I am very disappointed in the way this pre-load failed so miserably.

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