Done with Destiny

After embarrassing myself in Destiny’s Crucible last night and playing a “daily heroic” mission that was quite a challenge for my level 21 Hunter, I finally came to agree with all the critics that Destiny kinda sucks. The story is crap, the gunplay is good, the missions are okay, but there are too few. The Crucible is clearly not for me, so what’s left? Oh, the same old missions, just at punishing difficulty. What will I get if I do that? Some XP and maybe RNGesus will grant you a nice loot drop, but no really great rewards.

Well screw that. I’m going to go back to games that provide story and fun. I haven’t decided whether to actually delete Destiny from my PS2 hard drive, but I have unsubscribed from the Destiny subreddit and will try to avoid going back. Sometime when I’m feeling really good about myself and need to be brought down a peg or two, maybe I’ll venture back into the punishing worldlet of Destiny. I’m glad I didn’t pre-order the DLC…

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