Finished Saints Row IV and Liked It

I finished Saints Row IV and the DLC Enter the Dominatrix on my PC and liked it a lot. Enter the Dominatrix ended up being fairly amusing and had some cute flashbacks to Saints Row 3. Overall, the game had lots of humor, tremendous swearing, and fun.

Since the majority of the game happens in a simulation (it would be a major spoiler for me to tell you why), you get all sorts of abilities beyond just shooting and blowing stuff up. For example, you can run super fast, jump super high and glide across town, shoot ice or fire blasts, use telekinesis to throw enemies, and more. I used the word “super” in that last sentence twice, because this game really makes you feel like a superhero more than any other game I’ve played. You’re not an invulnerable man (or woman) of steel, but a badass that can cause great mayhem, but still be injured or die if you don’t take care. It’s a delightful way to play and lots of fun.

In addition to the superpowers, there are some terrifically fun weapons, including the bounce rifle (rounds hit multiple enemies), the black hole gun, and the dubstep gun (enemies dance before they blow up – awesome!). The grenades of SR3 are gone, but not missed too much. Of course, the giant dildo bats are back, but there are even more fun melee weapons, though perhaps none more amusing than beating the baddies with a huge dong, but I tended to stick with the laser sword (a non-infringing homage to light sabers, I presume).

While SR4 didn’t have Burt Reynolds, it did have fun cameos that I won’t spoil here. In general, the voice  acting was good and the banter with your homies was great fun! Some of the characters and enemies must have been from SR2 and maybe even the original Saints Row, neither of which I’ve played, so I didn’t know the references, though those missions were still fun.

The sex/romance scenes are a hoot compared to the serious and drawn out ones of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. For example (and kids need to stop reading right here), when the player selects the button to “romance Kinzie,” a cutscene plays in which the player says “Hey Kinzie, wanna fuck?” Kinzie then slugs the player, then says “Let’s go!” and jumps on to kiss the player and both fall to the floor. That’s it – no stupid bed scene where you’re still wearing your armor as your partner lays there in underwear simulating sex. So while SR4 is cruder than others, it isn’t as stupidly teenage fantasy sex-oriented.

So overall, SR4 is great. While I finished it on PC (at least until the next DLC), I have it on PS3 too in case I can do co-op mode with friends. Great fun!

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