My fourth character through Great River discovers new quest line in #LOTRO

What the heck?!? My Lore Master, who is a completionist and has done pretty much every solo and most small fellowship quests in LOTRO, didn’t see it. My Hunter and Warden also went through Great River, but were rushing to Rohan and didn’t do all the quests, so they didn’t see it either.

Last night, after my wimpy Minstrel became Friend of the Eagles (if you’ve done the quests, you know what I mean), he was given a letter that recalled him to Stangard to start a whole quest line, involving Sithric, treason in the Eorlsmead Tower, and more. I was utterly shocked that I’d never seen this quest before, but I was wondering what that tower was there for. Admittedly, my Lore Master ran through Great River right when it came out, so perhaps the quest line wasn’t in place yet, but I was floored!

Of course, it was given to me at the secret place where the eagles were based, which apparently everyone must know about, because I was sent there originally by a guy at the camp north of the Cuthstan, then a guard from Stangard came to deliver a letter while I was in the cave rescuing an eagle. So that’s a little silly – the secret is out…

This new (to me) quest line is good – I enjoyed it and I especially enjoyed putting Sithric in his place. I am at a loss about the tower, though. I showed there was treason there, so I expected to be sent by Stanric to clear it out or at least set them straight, but nothing of the sort happened. Maybe I missed that too?

Finally, a question: My Minstrel seems pretty wimpy for level 74. His Will is good, and Fate is OK, but his morale is only about 4,000. That’s even less than my Lore Master was at that level by quite a bit. Before I go off deeding to get Vitality traits, I wonder what a level 74 Mini’s morale should be? Please either tweet to me or use the contact page (you don’t need to put in a real email address).

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