Got a War Steed for my Hunter in LOTRO

Yesterday’s 10.02 patch to LOTRO fixed at least one of the annoying bugs I mentioned in my previous post: the ability to track Legendary Items now works properly again. I haven’t checked if the goats are still gliding their way across Dunland, Eregion, and Great River, but that’s a minor issue that just damages immersion, but doesn’t significantly impact the game. I have high hopes that it is fixed and will report later if it isn’t.

I’ve been working hard on Tallhelm, my Hunter, to get him up to level 75 and into Rohan so he could get a War Steed. I finally managed to do so, and I like it. I also made him a level 75 First Age bow, since I got a Worn Symbol of the Elder King in a lootbox (perhaps the greatest lootbox ever?). The war steed skills for Hunter differ significantly from my Lore Master’s skills. The Hunter has a few more ranged damage skills, while the Lore Master has a health steal skill and a damage reflection buff. Perhaps the Hunter will get a heal skill later, but if not, then he will need to kill quickly and get out of trouble fast, while the Lore Master may have more ability to stay in the fight longer because of the heal ability. We’ll see how it goes, but so far, I’m very much enjoying having 2 characters that can use War Steeds and do the excellent mounted combat added to LOTRO with the Riders of Rohan expansion.

My Lore Master has been busy with the Hytbold daily quests, and has rebuilt part of the town. Some of the quests are great, but others are terrible. I tried a race from Cliving about 4 or 5 times, but either kept being unable to find a race gate (pillar of light) or, in the last case, server lag meant it didn’t register when I went through it TWICE! So I gave up on that one. Another very frustrating one is climbing the tower in Eaworth. I got pretty far up last night, but fell near the top after about 10 minutes of trying. Gave that one up too. I like the mounted combat missions the best. In fact, I wish the devs would come up with mounted skirmishes. I’d love to do those over the conventional skirmishes any day (assuming they are good).

As an experiment, I put the Send to Kindle button on the website. Why anyone would want to use it for this content is beyond me, but it’s neat and I’m a nerd, so it’s there. Enjoy!

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