Please save us from violent video games!

As a followup on my earlier tweet regarding violent video games, I offer this post.

For those that didn’t read the tweet, I relate how important it is that the President and the Government protect us from violent video games. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been blasted through a plate glass window by some careless person shouting Fus Ro Dah!

And here in California, you can barely walk down the street without having to avoid crossfire when some wizard is shooting fireballs at some demons who thought it would be fun to eat at In-N-Out.

For those who are humor impaired, my point is that there are lots of violent video games that do not involve guns, yet they don’t inspire the same vitriol from government and media weenies as Call of Duty and, before that, Doom. I haven’t played too many Call of Duty games, but I did play Doom, Doom 2, and Doom3, and I have yet to don my Space Marine gear and feel the need to massacre demons from another dimension. In fact, I can tell the difference between fantasy and reality, and hardly ever fly starships or fight dragons in real life.

So I submit that the problem isn’t the video games, per se, but rather the lack of parental supervision or other monitoring to make sure kids understand that games are not real. But the government should keep its hands off our gamepads, Move controllers, Wii-motes, and so on. Virtual guns, phasers, longswords, dragon shouts, or fireball spells don’t kill actual people, so let’s keep some perspective when looking at video games.

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