Finished Borderlands 2 and the ending didn’t suck

I finished the story missions of Borderlands 2 over the weekend and really enjoyed the game. The ending was significantly less lame than the ending of the original Borderlands (umm, killed the monster, but no fancy loot? WTF?). This time, there were some nice drops from the final monster and Handsome Jack – so many, in fact, that I couldn’t carry them all, thus they were lost forever. The final boss wasn’t all that bad, especially compared to some of the earlier robot bosses that were extra tough and extra dangerous. So overall, it was a great game. I’ve now unlocked Vault Hunter mode, which I presume is simply a harder mode that gives better loot, but I have little interest in that. I’m more interested in trying a different character type.

So even though my level 33 Siren is pretty badass, she’s still able to die, either when confronted by lots of robots or by a super tough mobile boss (the huge Mom skag, for example). I think the skill progression tree goes a little slowly, and, if you don’t put all your points into one tree (there are 3 per class), you’ll never get the top-tier skill. Sure I was able to beat the game without it, but I’d like to have had it. But other than minor complaints like that, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and recommend it to everyone who likes shooters and first person RPGs.

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