Borderlands 2 is great fun!

I got Borderlands 2 yesterday and played it for perhaps an hour and think it is great! The PC version looks good, is fun, and has lots of guns, even at the start! My only complaint is that the inventory/equipment screen is awkward. Instead of the obvious PC-centric approach of dragging equipment (guns and shields) from the backpack to their equipment slots, they chose a console-centric approach where we need to select the gun, select the (presumably occupied) slot, then swap. Pretty damn annoying. There does seem to be an auto-equip mechanism where holding down the use-key (“E” in the PC case) will replace the current gun with the one you are picking up. I’m not sure if it only does it for better guns or any gun, but it could be handy or it could surprise you by accidently  replacing a gun you liked. Overall, Borderlands 2 seems like it will be great!

On the other hand, I think I will not continue playing it for a bit. I need to finish Uncharted 3 (I think I’m nearly there) and Kingdoms of Amalur. Speaking of Amalur, it has to be one of the best values in gaming, especially now that it no longer commands a $60 price. In terms of gameplay per dollar, it is fantastic. And it is a fun and attractive game, so check it out if you’re even remotely interested in single player RPGs!

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