Still too many games!

While I still own too many games that I intend to play, I have been working on trying to get through some. After finishing Fallout New Vegas, I played and enjoyed Bioshock 2. I liked the original Bioshock, but there were many aspects of the game that were not explained very well. Bioshock 2 does a great job of covering the history of Rapture and explaining many of the events from Bioshock and leading to the events of Bioshock 2. The plot is pretty good, the action is great, and the enemies (and some of the NPCs) ruthless.

The only problem I had with Bioshock 2 was the ending. I did the good ending where I saved everyone, etc., and while it was moving and emotional, it wasn’t so good for me. In the original, the good ending was all happiness and light, while this one wasn’t as pleasant.

Since Bioshock 2 is very inexpensive these days, I strongly recommend it if you like story-driven shooters.

Now that I’m done with Bioshock 2, I’ve been working on Dragon Age 2, which is also pretty good, though didn’t grab me as much as the wonderful original Dragon Age!

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