Getting Sick of Fallout New Vegas DLC

I’ve mostly been enjoying Fallout New Vegas, although it is not as engaging as some of my all-time favorite games, like the original Fallout 3, Oblivion, and Dragon Age. I bought the game from Steam with all the available DLCs, and so far have played through 3 of the DLC missions and all of them have some sort of unpleasant ending. The last one I did, Lonesome Road, has, in my opinion, a downright lousy ending: I can nuke one faction or another or both, or else I can sacrifice my companion to stop the nukes. If I just want to be a nice guy, not nuke anyone, but keep my companion, there’s no way out. I chose to nuke the Legion, yet I still wasn’t able to keep my companion (a robot named ED-E, much like the one in the wasteland, but with more personality). The previous DLCs I played, Old World Blues and Dead Money, also had endings that required guns rather than negotiation, though Old World Blues at least lets me go back and visit.

In short, I’m getting sick of Fallout New Vegas and think I will just get done with it and move on to the many other games I’ve yet to play.

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