Enjoying Fallout: New Vegas

I bought Fallout: New Vegas when it was on sale on Steam last week (the game, plus the Prima guide, plus all the DLC for less than $20), and finally installed it yesterday.

I loved Fallout 3, so had fairly high expectations for New Vegas. So far, I have enjoyed it a lot. It has the usual inventory management problems that Oblivion, Fallout 3, and apparently Skyrim have, meaning you are strictly weight limited in the amount you can carry and need to discard or use things over the weight.

The graphics are quite good, as the atmosphere is excellently post-apocalyptic. Animations, particularly for animals walking, is spotty, but doesn’t really detract from the game play. Overall, if you like the idea of a first person RPG, Fallout: New Vegas is a safe bet.

I think I made a mistake buying the Prima game guide, however. It turns out is a website accessed through Steam, rather than a PDF or other format I can read offline or on an iPad. The guide seems to be missing a lot of images that are referenced in the text and navigation and cross-references are quite poor given that it is a website. I’m sure much more care would have gone into a dead tree book, so I think I will not waste my money in the future.

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