Finished Borderlands: Great game, but underwhelming ending

I finished the main missions of Borderlands and thoroughly enjoyed the game, but the ending is quite a let down. I was quite high level before attempting the ending, having done all the other quests I could find, so I had some great weapons and gear. Therefore, I was able to power my way to the Vault, kill the boss monster, and finish the game without too much trouble. But once I killed that boss, there was lots of ammo and such (which is good since I used a whole lot trying to kill it), but there weren’t any amazing weapons or loot there. I would have expected the Vault would contain some killer stuff, but nothing? How odd…

I thought I must have missed something, but upon consulting walkthroughs, it looks like I didn’t.

So, in short, Borderlands is a great game, particularly if you can pick it up on sale, but the ending leaves a bit to be desired. I have the DLC since I bought the GOTY version, but can wait on that until I make some more progress in LOTRO and Uncharted 3.

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