My Latest LOTRO News

It has been a while since I posted any LOTRO news, and my video upload project is stalled because I’ve been busy.

Most of my characters have left Thirst for Power, which couldn’t seem to gain critical mass in terms of having enough active members online at any time. Most of the kin members jumped to Exiles, which is an active kinship with many high-level members and a pretty fun group.

My main character, Tallborn, is now level 59 and has done some missions in Moria and lots of instances, like the Grand Staircase (in order to get Moria Medallions to get awesome armor). I’m working through the Epic story missions, but they are a bit tedious and have lots of FedEx quests. I should not have waited so long to do them, because I don’t get much experience from them at my level.

Several of my characters got fancy new Spring Festival horses, which are not faster than normal horses, nor cheaper, but have better decorations (saddles and gear). To get them, we had to win races and earn tokens, in addition to paying for the horse. While in Moria, you need to ride a goat, but outside, I like my festival horse.

I can’t emphasize enough what a compelling game Lord of the Rings Online is. It supports solo and fellowship play, excellent crafting, skirmishes, and more. If you have any interest in role playing games, swords and sorcery, or the Lord of the Rings, give it a shot. You’ll have fun!

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