Enjoying the story quests in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO)

I’ve really been enjoying the story missions in LOTRO recently. I had neglected them for a while, because I was having so much fun in skirmishes and generally exploring Middle Earth. I had completed the missions in Lone Lands and North Downs (Esteldin), so was sent to Rivendell for more.

Elrond had me running all over the place talking to his sons and such, but that led to some really cool fellowship missions that could be done solo because I got a buff that gave me thousands to HP (Morale in LOTRO). Killed a bunch of trolls! All of this was to look for a Nazgul that escaped the flood at the Ford of Bruinen.

Two days a go, I got to take a long, boring walk with Frodo, at Gandalf’s urging. Not very exciting, but nifty nonetheless.

Yesterday, however, I got some fun missions! In one, I chased Gollum and nearly caught him (and killed an orc escort). In another, I went with Legolas to hunt forest trolls and their minions. In the end, we ran into the Nazgul commanding a boss troll, which we quickly dispatched. The Nazgul escaped, however, so I’m sure he will be back to cause us trouble.

I also completed a Legendary Trait that allows me to use a sword as well as my Lore Master staff. This trait, based on Gandalf’s sword usage, makes me slightly tougher up close, though I can still die too easily. I’m also discovering that my Lynx pet seems to show more threat that the Bear that I had been using as a tank. The Bear (BigGrowly) is slightly tougher than the Lynx (Slynxy), but the Lynx keeps the enemies at a distance for longer. Plus the Lynx has the awesome sneak attack that can take down some enemies in one shot!

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