Sony PS3 updates stink

I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been very busy with work. I haven’t not been playing games, however. In fact, LOTRO has been taking my all my minuscule free time. But more on that later.

This weekend, I decided I want to check out Assassins Creed Brotherhood, which I’ve had since about when it came out, but haven’t even put into the PS3. I fired up the old PS3 to play and discovered an update, even though I updated a week or two ago.

As usual, this stupid update takes ten or fifteen minutes to download (even though I have a very fast cable connection, so surely Sony is throttling or underprovisioned) and then a few more minutes to install.

These things never happen on the Xbox360. Updates there are quick and painless. Sony has taken more of a Windows approach (big download and reboot), but at least with Windows the download and much of the install can happen in the background.

Clearly Sony doesn’t get it. We want to play games on the PS3, not have to maintain it, like we do our PCs. Sony makes updates tedious and punishes the user by preventing anything else from happening. C’mon, at least let us play space invaders while the download happens. Can’t the SPEs in the Cell processor do anything other than download? As usual, Sony hardware is great, but their software leaves a lot to be desired.

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