Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition and Impulse: Finally Working

As a follow-up to my troubles with installing the Impulse version of Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition, I finally got it all working, though with a bit of trouble.

Rather than just having Impulse download and install, I chose the “Download and Archive” option, which downloads the enormous install data, then saves it in case something goes wrong (like last time) and then I can use the already downloaded data to install again rather than another 12GB download.

When I got home from festivities with family, I told Impulse to install, assuming it would use the archive. Instead, it started to download again! Aaagh! But after choosing to restore the archive, the installation worked, and on first run, I was presented with the DLC activation code so I could get all the goodies.

So it all worked out in the end, but was painful getting there. I think perhaps this was not exclusively Impulse’s fault, as it was the Bioware installer that didn’t get rid of the old update service that caused the problems according to online forums. You’d think this would be an obvious test: install on a machine that either has the program already or has had it freshly uninstalled. Seems like a bit more testing is in order, StarDock.

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