Alan Wake and Half Life

I’ve really been enjoying playing Alan Wake, if those are the right terms. Perhaps “experiencing” rather than “playing” would be more appropriate, and “sucked into” rather than “playing.” Alan Wake is quite a compelling story that is slowly being unfolded as I play. Much of the game is quite easy, with some fun puzzles and chase sequences, but sometimes, the combat can get pretty hairy. When lots of Taken are approaching from all sides with axes and such, your little flashlight and gun don’t seem enough. Sometimes a flare will help, but they are few and far between. But overall, good fun!

While cleaning out  a storage space under the stairs this morning, I discovered a huge box of old CDROMs, Zip disks, and such. Among the junk, I found an original Half Life CD with manual, as well as an original Starcraft CD. Not worth much, since there are millions of them out there, but a bit of nostalgia before I’ll put them in the trash.

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