Enjoying Lord of the Rings Online

I’ve been playing LOTRO when I get a little while between being busy with other things, and I’m enjoying it (mostly).

The crafting system is pretty nifty and I’m working my way up as a prospector, cook, and jeweler.

I also finally managed to buy a horse. In order to get said horse, I had to buy the riding skill for Turbine Points (real money) and then use 500 silver (in-game money). Once I raised the money, I went to the horse farm north of Bree to get my horse, bought it, then couldn’t find the action to use it. Instead of putting the horse icon in your inventory, like all the FAQs and guides say, it hides it away in a tab on the character sheet. Once I found the thing and dragged it to my action bar, I’ve been riding like crazy.

I also got invited into a kinship. Seems like a nice bunch of folks who are helpful and reasonable, unlike the fleet I was recruited into for Star Trek Online. So far I haven’t seen any of them in-game, not even the one that recruited me, but I’m sure I’ll need their help with a few quests shortly.

Anyone who isn’t playing LOTRO, get it. The cost is nothing, so even if you don’t like it, you’re not out more than a few GB on your hard drive.

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