More on the X series games from Egosoft – Voice Acting

So I posted a glowing article about the X series games, which I really do love and have great fun playing. But they do have faults. The most glaring fault is the voice acting. X2:The Threat had lots of voice acting and it was terrible, but (I think) done in a tongue-in-cheek style that knew it was terrible. X3:Reunion had even worse voice acting (the worst of any game I’ve played, I think), but it didn’t detract enough that I worried about it. X3:Terran Conflict continues the lousy voice acting, but due to a bug that played station announcements over half the “mission accomplished” speeches, I didn’t have to/get to hear it. No big deal.

Why do X series games have such dreadful voice acting? Well, Egosoft is a small, independent developer that can’t hire big name talent. And, I think, they get their buddies to do it for cheap or free. And, they are in Germany, so their buddies have German accents. But, frankly, the games are fun enough that all of that is okay. And the best news: the real baddies, the Xenon and Khaak, don’t talk at all, so you don’t have to worry about bad acting there.

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