Big videos

Well, right after I uploaded the Star Trek Online navigation video to YouTube, I started uploading a longer Star Trek Online space battle video. This one was about 1GB and 10 minutes. It took several hours to upload, for which we can blame the pathetic ISP monopolies in the USA, but even once it was uploaded, it has been “processing” for hours. I can’t imaging it takes that long to convert to all the YouTube resolutions. I suspect that because it is more than a couple minutes, YouTube staff need to review it for copyright violations, since a 10 minute video is probably more likely to be ripped from somewhere than a one minute video of a crazy cat. Too bad the assumption can’t be that I own the copyright and it can be reviewed later if there is any doubt. Or maybe it really does take that long to process. Anyway, I will post it to the site once the upload and processing finish.

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